Thanks for registering for our webinar!

Thanks for registering!

This webinar takes a closer look at the benefits of can be interesting for several reasons:

  • with you can generate texts for products for all your sales channels.
  • with you can generate texts in different languages.
  • makes it easier to find your B2C channel (SEO) through search engines.
  • With it is very easy to generate a large number of product texts in a short time.

Questions such as: “How can software generate correct and unique product descriptions?” And “what techniques are used for this?” will be answered during this webinar.

Key take-aways

Who is Squadra Machine Learning Company?
How did the idea for come about?
What need does meet?
What does the process of the associated ML techniques look like?
Live demo in our area
Prices, extra features and custom made solutions

See you at the webinar!

Is the tool for you?

I am a with products in my assortment. I am looking for a tool that helps me to automatically generate unique producttexts within language(s). Moreover, I need unique productdescriptions on webshops, and I productfeatures available.



Your organization has great potential to make the process of writing producttexts much more easy and efficient!

By using you can automatically generate thousands of producttexts due to smart use of AI algorithms. As a result, loads of time and money will be saved.


Your organization has great potential to make the process of writing producttexts much more easy and efficient!

However, due to the lack of productfeatures it is necessary to enrich your productdata first. With our software you are able enrich your data easily and automatically. After enriching your productdata with, will help you to automatically generate your producttexts.

Curious how much time and money can be saved? Check out the calculations in the table!

We are sorry!

Based on the data, we expect that your organization will not be able to profit enough to justify the investments.

Curious how we come to the answer? Check out the calculations in the table.

Time in hours
Costs in €
By hand
Savings in time: hours
Savings in money: ,-
Interested in our calculations?

We made some assumptions for our calculations:

  • Without, we estimate that you need 15 minutes on average to write a product description.
  • We are not aware of the real wage of your employees, but we have calculated with an hourly wage of 25 euros per hour.
  • Based on your assortment, we estimated an average number of products per category.

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