Categorytext generator

A better and faster way to write content.

Turn some keywords into high quality category texts, blog articles or social media posts using AI. Our software is an AI copywriter, trained to generate fluid texts for any industry.

Generate content in seconds

High quality texts

Save valuable time and money

Many high-performing brands rely

Import your keywords.

Drag & Drop an Excel file containing keywords relevant to your industry. The software processes your data within seconds.


Set the advanced settings.

Give the algorithm some instructions, such as the word limit of the text being generated or how creative the algorithm can be in generating the text. You can also specify a dictionary with synonyms, words/phrases that you do not want in your text and whether the titles should be generated in H1, H2, etc.

Generate your content.

Generate many types of high-quality content in less than 30 seconds. Our smart algorithms are trained to avoid duplicate content, so you are assured of unique content!

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Manual paraphrasing of texts is a thing of the past. Let smart algorithms do the hard work.

Translating texts with AI

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