New Features

Our team is constantly working hard to implement new functionalities and make our software even smarter. This makes it easier for you to use the software and makes the optimal software for generating your unique, SEO optimized product texts. On this page we have listed a few of our newest features!

Paraphrasing function

Where it was previously easy to generate unique product texts, we have now made it even easier by adding a paraphrasing function. If a product text is written in the template editor, the software can suggest multiple variants of the same product text at the touch of a button. The algorithm does the work for you!

Add hierarchy to product categories

Another new functionality is that you can build your own hierarchies within your product categories by dragging product categories together. You can also restore them to the top level by dropping the category at the bottom on the root. The advantage of this is that you can create templates hierarchically. The first template of the parent category is placed above the text of the child category. This happens when you check inheritance in the template editor at the top left.

Drag text snippets to priority

Previously, it was only possible to determine the order of snippets by entering a number in the priority field. Now it is also possible to drag the text snippets in the order that you want.

Copy and paste text snippets

Now paste text snippets easily. This allows you to generate large numbers of conditions and text snippets faster, because the software remembers the conditions you have set earlier.

Drag text snippets to priority

From now on it is possible to set a certain word to be replaced with a synonym, i.e. copy paper > printing paper. After manually entering these words or uploading a glossary in Excel, the algorithm will always take the synonym. This is ideal for ensuring consistency in your product texts.

Enforce capitalization

Now simply indicate in your template how to deal with capitalization of the feature values. Select a feature in the text snippet and choose the desired value from the Case usage list.

'and' and 'or' function in the conditions

Specify a list of words that a condition must meet, by working in the value with a vertical line (|) for 'or' an ampersand (&)

Information icons for help

In order to keep the use of as easy as possible, we have added an information icon for most functies that clearly explains the function and guides you in the software.

Nested text

The nesting of text allows you to further specify conditions within your templates, enabling you to create more detailed, and product-specific text snippets. In practice this means that you are now able to instate a condition and tuck another argument within this condition to use its result for the outer-condition.

Organize the layout and added copy button

It's now possible to add a space after a certain section, before beginning the new section. You can also opt to completely separate your text into different paragraphs by checking the 'Add whitespace' box, providing more structure to your generated product descriptions. Lastly, we've renewed PowerText's copy button to let you build templates quicker, and more dynamically.


In order to provide you with the best possible service while using PowerText, it is now possible to contact our team directly through the chatbot. We usually respond within an hour.

Duplicating sections

Build templates even faster and easier by duplicating your sections at the touch of a button. Previously this was already possible with text snippets, but now also with your created sections.

Addition of OR function to conditions

With the new OR function it is possible to build even more complex templates. Previously you had to copy sections and make separate conditions for them to use the OR function, but now you have the same result in 1 click.

Sections per column in output file

With this new feature you have more control over how your texts are generated. When using bullet points in your texts, these now appear in a separate column in the Excel file in the export file. This makes it even easier to export your generated texts to platforms such as Amazon or

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