Generate thousands of SEO-optimized product texts with AI.

Writing thousands of product texts has
never been so easy. is a smart online text generation platform that automatically generates product descriptions based on product features. The generated product descriptions are all unique and can be generated in multiple languages for each product.

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Let algorithms do the hard work for you.

Time and cost saving

No more manually writing SEO texts. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Increase your sales.

Increase your sales by expanding your service portfolio and helping more customers.

No programming required.

Our user-friendly solution makes our powerful SaaS software accessible to everyone.

Companies using

Expert in the field of Machine Learning, Data Science and AI

With a team of passionate experts, we have been active for years developing SaaS products and custom projects.

Part of the Squadra Group & the European AI Startup Landscape

The PowerSuite is part of the European AI Startup Landscape, which means we are among the top AI startups in Europe to drive the development of AI.

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Action is an originally Dutch, international discount store-chain providing products against affordable prices. Due to low prices, there was no room for online selling. COVID19 gave Action a reason to innovate and start selling online.

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Part of the FNAC/Darty group, the electronics retailer BCC occupies a prominent place on the Dutch market and – with 63 stores – it is one of the most successful electronics retailers in the Netherlands.

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Sonepar is an independent wholesale company which consists of 145 operating companies in 48 countries with worldwide market leadership in B2B distribution of electrical products.

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Is the tool for you?

I am a with products in my assortment. I am looking for a tool that helps me to automatically generate unique producttexts within language(s). Moreover, I need unique productdescriptions on webshops, and I productfeatures available.



Your organization has great potential to make the process of writing producttexts much more easy and efficient!

By using you can automatically generate thousands of producttexts due to smart use of AI algorithms. As a result, loads of time and money will be saved.


Your organization has great potential to make the process of writing producttexts much more easy and efficient!

However, due to the lack of productfeatures it is necessary to enrich your productdata first. With our software you are able enrich your data easily and automatically. After enriching your productdata with, will help you to automatically generate your producttexts.

Curious how much time and money can be saved? Check out the calculations in the table!

We are sorry!

Based on the data, we expect that your organization will not be able to profit enough to justify the investments.

Curious how we come to the answer? Check out the calculations in the table.

Time in hours
Costs in €
By hand
Savings in time: hours
Savings in money: ,-
Interested in our calculations?

We made some assumptions for our calculations:

  • Without, we estimate that you need 15 minutes on average to write a product description.
  • We are not aware of the real wage of your employees, but we have calculated with an hourly wage of 25 euros per hour.
  • Based on your assortment, we estimated an average number of products per category.

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