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In today’s fast-paced world of software development, it’s likely that technological tools will develop even further and get more sophisticated. While many organizations have trouble with adapting to such new tools, others gain competitive advantage as a result of those tools. Technology namely provides many opportunities to increase your business efficiency. In this way, tasks that should usually be performed manually can now be performed in an automated manner. This article will take a deeper dive into the world of automation. Moreover, some practical tools that could be interesting for your business are explained.

Automating tools: an innovative way to success

For those organizations having trouble adapting to new technologies, we will explain how and why automation can be your key to success. Automation can, depending on which business process it’s used in, result in higher production rates and increased productivity. Moreover, it allows you to provide an improved customer journey, which is extremely important in the world of eCommerce. One example of a business process that can be automated, is writing product descriptions. Imagine you’re a wholesaler that sells around 20,000 products. You want to provide your customers with high-quality product descriptions that are also SEO-optimized. For this, however, you need to do keyword research for all of your products, and subsequently write 20,000 product descriptions manually. This obviously is an extremely time-consuming task that is almost unfeasible. Moreover, if you would perform this task manually, you’re likely to make mistakes (e.g., spelling errors) due to the monotony of the task.

How to automate?

There are some automation tools out there that can really improve your business efficiency. For example, when it comes to writing product descriptions, it can be argued that many unnecessary costs and valuable time can be saved by automating this process. One tool that can do this is Powertext.ai: this smart tool uses artificial intelligence to generate unique and qualitative product descriptions. Based on existing product features (most likely delivered by your own suppliers), the software tool can generate informative product descriptions that are also SEO-optimized. By this you do not only improve efficiency, but you also contribute to an improved findability on search engines like Google. This allows customers to find your products in an easier way, and by providing them with informative product descriptions the customer journey is optimized. Powertext.ai cannot only be used in English: it allows you to generate product descriptions in multiple languages at the same time! So, in case you’re thinking about expanding your business to another country, the language barrier is no longer an issue.

Automating other business processes

There are many more automating possibilities for your eCommerce organization. Imagine being a retailer that has multiple suppliers, all with their own data model. When product data is delivered by multiple suppliers through different models, there is a major lack of consistency in your product data. Some suppliers may measure their products in inches while others do it in centimeters. To secure your data sets consistency, PowerConvert.ai may be a suitable tool. This smart tool aims to detect relationships between product features in order to create one clear and consistent data set. It uses smart algorithms to calculate semantical differences between words: for example, the tool knows that when in one data set a feature is called “power”, it should be matched with the feature “voltage”. When you’ve uploaded your current and desired data structure to the software, you only need to sit back and relax while the algorithm does the hard work for you. This is just one of the perks of automation!

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