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In order to be successful in E-commerce business today, it is very important that your products are easy to find online. This is mainly because a lot of companies offer their  products online, to expand their business. One of the main ways to be better found online, is by describing the products correctly. If, as a company, you want to be at the top of the search results with your products, you definitely need unique SEO product descriptions. For example, if an organization has a large assortment of products, you will have to write loads of product descriptions, which will cost a lot of labour and money. Therefore, Powertext is the right tool for you to generate unique product texts automatically instead of manually.


Imagine running a retail chain in consumer electronics, with a range of 10,000 products, and currently looking to get higher in the search results of, for example, Google. You notice that the company is not selling well online and should be found better in search engines. Eventually, the retail chain also wants to put more time in optimising the supply chain, sales and purchasing of products than in writing product texts. After all, writing product descriptions for each product costs them a lot of labour and time.

Your ranking in Google depends heavily on your content, if this content contains text from other sources, you will automatically rank lower in Google’s ranking. As a consumer electronics retailer, it is essential to write unique SEO product texts, for example by naming the drum capacity and sound level of a washing machine. By doing so, you add value to your product and reach customers who are specifically looking for a washing machine with a 14 kilogram capacity. A unique product description not only places your specific product higher in search engines, but also your entire website on Google. Moreover, it is crucial to generate texts to categorise your products, with high SEO value. For example, by placing all coffee machines under 1 category, which makes it easier and faster to find your products.


The main process that Powertext ultimately controls is the generation of unique product descriptions with high SEO value, by means of AI algorithms. The product descriptions are automatically generated by a smart online text creation tool, based on product features. The product data only has to be uploaded in Powertext by means of an Excel list, which generates 10,000 product descriptions in no time, or automated with an API link. The Powertext algorithm is trained on the product characteristics without any programming knowledge. The product data ensures that all descriptions are generated with a high SEO value. For example, by naming specific characteristics of a fridge, so that the customer immediately know what the right choice is.  Product descriptions can be generated with Powertext at two levels: level 1 is based on templates, level 2 is based on training data. Level 1 means that product lists or characteristics are needed, which the algorithm will then learn, for example a list of the product characteristics. Level 2 means that the algorithm generates product descriptions on the basis of training data. The algorithm can already know a washing machine by, for example, an image, which makes it even easier to set up the templates and automatically leads to high SEO product descriptions.

Since we use an API link, it means that all your data and texts are directly in your own system.


Powertext allows your business to grow, but it also has other positive effects:

  • Save labour and money in copywriting text (product texts, advertising texts (SEA), H1, invoice texts
  • Save labour and money for translations (far better than standard Google)
  • Digitize the long tail (in multiple languages)
  • Boost sales on your own e-commerce channels: better content & SEO
  • Boost sales on your retail e-commerce channels: unique texts per retailer

Powertext also offers you the possibility to translate product texts in multiple languages, in order to sell your products abroad. Since Powertext now generates high SEO-value and unique product descriptions by artificial intelligent algorithms, your products will rank higher in Google, which leads to an increased conversion rate. For example, if your business is selling sports equipment and have more than 1.000 products in disposal, it will take an enormous amount of time and money to manually write product descriptions. Therefore, Powertext offers you the possibility to generate unique product descriptions with a high SEO value automatically, by means of AI.

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