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Shopify is one of the most popular hosted eCommerce platforms in Europe. It’s known for its user-friendly interface which also allows small businesses to move their business online. Many larger organizations, however, also work with Shopify. You can simply create your online store to your wishes, add products, add some integrations, and voila, you can start selling your products. Payment is done via Shopify and works perfectly. If you do have a question about the platform, there will be experts available 24/7 to assist you. It all sounds great for starters. But imagine yourself starting a shoe store on Shopify, that receives more and more orders. Suddenly you see room for growth in your organization, so you add more products. For all of these products, you’re going to need to write unique product descriptions to sufficiently inform the customer. But you’re so busy writing these descriptions that you can’t find time for other crucial business activities anymore. What now?

Increase your Shopify efficiency

The above-mentioned scenario occurs pretty frequently. For many Shopify stores, the day comes that they see increasing demands and therefore find that they need to innovate their product range. As mentioned, for all of these new products, descriptions are required. Good product descriptions are crucial to make sure that the customer is sufficiently informed. And if you want your store to be found on search engines like Google, these descriptions need to be unique as well, since Google doesn’t appreciate duplicate information. Writing descriptions for all of your products manually is an extremely time-consuming process that goes along with many unnecessary costs. Also, it’s an extremely monotonous task. How can you change this and increase your efficiency, in order to save lots of valuable time and costs?

Automate your Shopify product texts

Let smart AI algorithms write your descriptions! Certain software tools enable you to input product information (that you receive from suppliers), and the software subsequently outputs unique and qualitative product descriptions. And the best of all: you can generate multiple product texts in an instant! By this, your organization can save a lot of valuable time and unnecessary costs that would otherwise be spent on manual writing. Increase your Shopify store efficiency and start with automating product descriptions. A tool that works perfectly with Shopify is In this tool, you can even input your own business-specific dictionary which the tool will automatically take into consideration while writing your product descriptions. With the help of, many qualitative and unique product descriptions can be generated in an instant in multiple languages: ideal for when you also want to sell your products in other countries!

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