Improving eCommerce Experience: 3 Aspects

Many businesses that sell their products online are required to deal with high expectations from customers. Not meeting these expectations could result in a loss of customers, which obviously isn’t what you want. But meeting these expectations is also pretty difficult since every consumer is different and has different expectations. What definitely is advisable is to optimize the customer experience as far as possible. There are many aspects in the customer experience that need to be minded, but here are a few examples. Firstly, you need to provide your customer with sufficient information about your products. You can manage this by providing them with a list of product features and accurate and unique product descriptions. Moreover, you should provide customers with the opportunity to choose their preferred language on your website. This also contributes to a better customer experience. Thirdly, you need to make sure that you’re found easily on search engines like Google. When customers are looking for your brand online and cannot find it, they may go to your competitors and you lose a sale.

These 3 aspects are crucial in enriching the customer experience. This article will take a closer look at these aspects and elaborate how you can efficiently improve them. This can in turn contribute to a better customer experience, which can lead to a higher conversion rate and more customers.

1. Sufficient information

The first aspect of improving the customer experience is to provide your customers with enough information. That means that you should write compelling product descriptions for each product, have clear a list of features for each product and provide every product page with good images. By doing this, you allow your customers to make a well-informed choice about choosing the products they want.

2. Have customers choose their preferred language

Try to provide your customers with the opportunity to view your website in their own language. Not only does this enrich the customer experience, but it also contributes to a better international accessibility. Even though many customers speak English worldwide, there are also a lot of potential customers that don’t speak English. Not providing them with the possibility to choose their own language may result in them leaving your website and buying products from your competitors.

3. Optimize your findability in search engines

SEO has become increasingly important for eCommerce organizations. With so many businesses competing for the highest ranking in Google, you can’t stay behind. Try to optimize your SEO in order to receive a high ranking in search engines. The first aspect mentioned in this article, providing your customers with sufficient information, can also be used in order to increase your website’s findability. When you write product descriptions, it’s important that they are unique for every product. Google does not appreciate duplicate information so if you write unique product descriptions, your website is more likely to be ranked higher.

How to optimize the customer experience

Now that three aspects have been identified, it’s time to see how to optimize these aspects in order to improve the customer experience. Firstly, it can be argued that optimizing all of these aspects is a time-consuming process when performed manually. Especially for retailers and wholesalers that have a huge product range, it is unfeasible to manually write product descriptions for every product and translate the entire website in different languages. For such organizations it could be interesting to automate these processes. This could not only save these organizations a lot of valuable time and unnecessary costs but will also increase the overall efficiency. is a smart tool that is able to generate unique and qualitative product descriptions based on product data. In this tool, you are able to upload product data that may be delivered by your supplier. Subsequently, the tool generates unique product descriptions of high quality in an instant. This contributes to an increased efficiency and you’re now able to spend more time and money on other business activities. Then there’s also, which allows you to translate your entire website in multiple languages within the instant. By using this tool, many manhours that otherwise would be spent on manual translations, can be saved. This also contributes to an increased efficiency and lower costs.

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