How can you increase your productivity with AI generated product descriptions?

What are product descriptions?

Product descriptions are the marketing texts accompanying the products. It tells the customer what exactly the product is and why they should buy it. The best product descriptions are unique and provide the customer with important information about the features and benefits of the specific product.

Without a good product description, you have lower conversion rates and the product is less likely to be found via search engines. Providing products with a unique and extensive product description is a huge job. Especially if you also want to offer this text in different languages. Couldn’t this be easier?

How does generate product descriptions?

Squadra Machine Learning Company has developed the software service This is a smart online text creation tool for automatically generating product texts with the aim of optimizing these descriptions while saving on costs and time. is an AI-driven tool where smart algorithms automatically generate thousands of SEO-optimized product descriptions. This allows you to easily provide your entire product portfolio with a unique product description and will improve findability. can also translate product texts on a large scale. The software automatically translates texts into +150 different languages, which increases its reach internationally. In addition, with you automatically paraphrase texts on a large scale. With you get an AI copywriter that generates smooth texts.

Why does AI increase your productivity?

Writing all product descriptions manually is a tedious job. offers all the benefits of a strong product description, such as high conversion rates and good findability, while saving time and costs. In addition, the software consists of a user-friendly environment that does not require any specific technical knowledge.

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