How automation can improve your business

Automation has gained a lot of popularity in various industries. It offers huge benefits, including improved productivity, quality, and safety. Additionally, it is cost-effective. Automation with the combination of Artificial Intelligence can especially make a great impact on wholesales.


There are several advantages of wholesale automation software. Not only does it save time and effort, but it also creates a more transparent experience for your customers. If you are a wholesaler, you should investigate these benefits to ensure you are making the best use of wholesale automation software.

Retail and wholesale automation software can also increase your company’s ability to respond to changing market trends.

The problem

Wholesalers often stock tens of thousands of products, all of which are sold to their customers. Since customers find it important to see a description of the product when they buy, a description will have to be generated for each product. To do this will take a huge amount of money and time. This is because copywriters will have to be hired who can ensure that the texts can be written. These people also take a lot longer than AI algorithm which can generate an entire text in no time based on a few words.

Product descriptions

Automated product descriptions are the way to go when it comes to making sure your products have the best possible descriptions for the various search engines. This will improve your search engine rankings and make your products more visible to customers. This is especially important as Google’s algorithm detects duplicate content and lowers your ranking if you copy and paste other sites’ content. Therefore, many eCommerce companies rely on product description generation tools.

One such tool is, a tool that allows you to generate product descriptions with a single click. Its AI software will write descriptions for your products. The software can help your team save valuable time, since you will no longer have to hire copywriters or spend countless hours writing product descriptions.

In addition to writing a product description, you also need to ensure that it answers your target audience’s questions. Try to use words that your ideal buyer would use to describe the product. Use superlatives and technical details that will make the product more compelling. Adding social proof or customer testimonials is also an excellent idea. The more personal your product description is, the more likely you’ll sell more products. But if you don’t know how to write a compelling product description, consider outsourcing the task. as a solution

One product Machine Learning Company offers to wholesalers is This product can help companies with tens of thousands of products in their range by generating SEO-optimized product descriptions with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The way this is done is very simple and very user-friendly. All you must do is log in to the website and submit an Excell file with the key features of your products. With this data, will take the heavy and long work from you, leaving you more time for the more important things in your business, such as customers.

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