How are my products found on Google: a step-by-step overview

Google is the most popular search engine worldwide. When your company sells products online, you naturally want customers to find your products to buy them. In order to achieve this, your products should be ranked higher than others in the search engine. This article provides a step-by-step overview to explain how to optimize your product descriptions. Doing this properly will in turn lead to a higher ranking in the search engine, which could have a positive influence on your eCommerce website’s sales. Furthermore, persuasive and proficient product descriptions can efficiently enhance the customer experience.

1. Find keywords that your customers are searching

It all starts with finding the right keywords. The relevant questions are: “what do people search for?” and “what would my customers type in the search engine?”. In order to find these insights, there are some tools that may assist you. Google Trends, Google Search Console and Answer the Public are all tools which may help you comprehend the consumers’ search behavior. Additionally, you could look at the competition and the keywords that they use. Some keywords will be frequently used and therefore hard to beat, but others will be beatable. Beatable keywords may be interesting to use for optimizing your product descriptions.

2. Decide which keywords to go with

In order to further clarify step 1, an example will be given. Imagine that your company sells silent washing machines. When you look at the competition, you will see larger companies like BCC and Coolblue. You could compare multiple keywords like ‘silent washing machine’ (search volume 1300 worldwide) with ‘silent washer dryer’ (search volume 50). In order to do this, tools like could be convenient. Subsequently, you need to choose the right keywords, which ideally have low competition and high search volume. However, since high search volumes are usually pretty competitive, the second highest search volume could often be the best option to go with.

3. How to process these keywords in your product descriptions?

When you have found the right keywords to score, you need to process these into texts of your e-commerce website. To do this decently, you need to generate unique texts, and, in this way, your website will occur higher in the search engine ranking. Duplicate content should be avoided, since it makes it harder for search engines to determine which version of the content to show. This results in competing content being less represented in the search results and therefore being less effective in SEO. The most effective way of avoiding duplicate content is by using canonical tags. This is an HTML tag that tells Google that a page belongs to the publisher, even if the content is elsewhere. It denotes to Google which version of the page is the main, original version.

4. How to create unique product descriptions?

Unique product descriptions should fit many conditions: they should be interesting for your target audience, focus on the product benefits and fit the product, be easy to read, be optimized for search engines, etc. Moreover, optimizing descriptions is not only about improving your findability in Google, but also about the usefulness for your customers.

Read more about writing product descriptions

Manually writing these accurate product descriptions is a time-consuming process. This is where software could be helpful to your company. is a platform which is able to automate unique product descriptions based on smart algorithms. In this way, your company will efficiently save valuable time and costs, and its sales may improve by 80%.  Due to its user-friendly interface, no technical knowledge is required, which makes this smart tool accessible to everyone.

In conclusion, writing unique and accurate product descriptions is a process that goes along with many difficulties. Writing these texts manually is extremely time-consuming and prone to human errors. Automating this process will save your company valuable time and money. Moreover, it could significantly improve your sales rate. When compelling product descriptions are applied to the products of your eCommerce website, it could be valuable to add Google Shopping to your online store. In this way, your search engine exposure and will increase even more.

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