Automatic Product Text Generation

Automated product text generation is a great way to generate high-performing copies for your products. Whether you sell a product on Amazon, eBay, other online marketplaces or on your own website, it can speed up the process of writing marketing copies and improve your SEO. It’s simple to use and can help you create high-converting marketing copies with ease. This can especially be really helpful for wholesales who have large amounts of products in their stock.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Product Text Generation can be a powerful tool for marketing. It can handle anything from product descriptions to blog posts. For example, an AI text generator can produce high-quality content in just minutes. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to generate marketing content. You can choose which features you want the algorithm to highlight and start using it right away.

AI text generators also help writers avoid writer’s block. Since the algorithm is not affected by stress or emotions, it can generate fresh content without the need for human input. In addition, AI writing software can improve the content on product descriptions and optimize social media posts.

Companies can save money with AI text generators because they work fast and make fewer mistakes. In addition, they free up human writers to work on more creative tasks. 

Improve the SEO of your product descriptions

Automated product text generation is a powerful way to improve your SEO. Unlike manual processes, automatic product text generation saves you time and effort. Let’s look at the usage of instead of typing in hundreds of keywords for each product, you can input the features of your products once and let create the descriptions for you. 

Automatic product description generation can help you create product descriptions that are both effective and unique. Using an AI-powered writing assistant like, allows you to generate powerful, compelling copies for your products. It’s a simple process and you can customize the output according to your requirements. It also analyzes the data sources to determine accuracy.

Product description creation is a crucial task for eCommerce businesses. In fact, 87% of consumers rate a product description as important as the picture of the product itself. But writing a product description requires a lot of time. Product description generators can automate this task by leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language generation. The result is a product description that is optimized for the specific needs of your customers. Fun fact: allows its users to generate different product texts for the same or similar products. Allowing users to offer their products on multiple different online marketplaces and web shops.


AI-driven content writing is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Many tools have advanced beyond the basic word processor and the human writer, making them highly efficient for many businesses. One AI-powered automation solution is, which uses the capabilities of AI writing to generate product descriptions that are SEO optimized and save companies a lot of time.


One challenge a wholesaler often faces is that he often must generate tens of thousands of product descriptions for all kinds of products (sometimes in several different languages). This must be done to be easily findable online to generate more conversions. Customers will enter several keywords on their search engine. It is then up to wholesalers to match these keywords to the product descriptions on their website. For example, to manually create unique, recruiting & SEO-optimized product text for 10,000 products, some of which are identically like each other, is almost impossible.

It is also important for a wholesaler to innovate enough to get ahead of its competitors. If you can work faster than competitors and thus have more room for personal attention with your customers, big steps can be taken. is a smart online text generation platform which can automatically create SEO-optimized product descriptions by looking at the product features themselves. The resulting product descriptions are all unique and can be described in multiple languages. The text generation platform can be fed with sample texts for different product categories. With this information, PowerText’s AI technology generates texts that are linked to the specific product features of the product. The result that comes out of this is a unique product description, where the key points of a product are incorporated into the text.

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