Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation

Automatic generated content

Automatically generated content is written content created by artificial intelligence or artificially intelligent process. These tools use a set of rules and logic that the user configures once. The AI tool then applies the rules to thousands of texts, generating the content. 

The advantage of using NLG is its ability to produce high volumes of content that is both relevant and grammatically accurate. While NLG cannot replace the need for creative and emotive language in writing, it does help reduce the time needed for creating content. The content is updated as necessary, ensuring that the most relevant information is conveyed to the reader.

Another benefit of using automated content creation is the cost-savings. Because most texts are based on complex data sets, hiring people to write them is time-consuming and expensive. Automatic product text generation software can take care of this tedious task in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost.

Artificial Intelligence and GPT-3

Artificial Intelligence involves using machine learning algorithms to produce natural-language outputs from non-linguistic data, such as Excel spreadsheets, videos, and metadata. Typically, NLG models are used for email marketing, content generation, and other similar tasks. These algorithms can also provide personalized responses to chatbot or virtual assistant queries.

It is an excellent tool for any business looking to automate manual processes. In addition to saving time and effort, NLG systems can process large amounts of data with high precision. This way, humans can focus on higher-value communications initiatives.

The GPT-3 Natural Language Generation system can automatically generate a programming code from the text. It works by parsing the input text and generating the most likely output. This feature is useful in several applications, from mocking up websites to automating tasks like legal searches. The system can also translate natural language into SQL queries. Additionally, it can create application layouts without the need for technical expertise.

Product descriptions

Natural Language Generation for product descriptions can speed up the production of individual product descriptions. While humans take several hours to write a single product description, an NLG tool takes a few minutes to produce a unique and compelling product description. The best part is that this automated technology is much more cost-effective than hiring a human copywriter.

NLG uses structured data from product listings to create product descriptions automatically. It can process data for up to 10,000 products in milliseconds. It intelligently merges content building blocks with product metadata and enables editors to control vocabulary and enhance tonality. NLG also includes metrics to measure content quality.

Product descriptions that are outdated can have a huge impact on your website’s rankings in search results. It can also be time-consuming to write marketing content for every product on your site. That’s why some players limit their marketing content to popular products and only provide a few. With NLG, you can produce a broad range of content and ensure your website stands out in the marketplace. And because NLG is highly customizable, it can also adapt to your company’s voice. Having a product description that matches your brand’s tone of voice is a great way to attract new visitors to your site.

Create more content

Many companies currently have their hands full creating content. Their customers need to be able to interact with the company in as many ways as possible. One problem that comes with this is that they must create a lot of content in a short period of time. To this end, it uses systems that automatically generate content. This method has numerous advantages, such as speed, quality, and personalization. An advantage of automatic content generation is that it can generate unlimited personas, it will also save hours of manual content generation and it will be able to cover topics that were too expensive to cover manually. When used correctly, it can be twice as effective as a human data analyst, who can spend hours understanding complex data.


Being findable online is very important in these times when E-commerce plays a big role. Companies that rank higher in search results are more likely to get more visitors to their website which can lead to more sales. When a wholesaler will have to create more than 10,000 product descriptions manually is almost impossible. This is because there needs to be a unique description for all these products, each of which is SEO-optimized from within. This is because some products will also have many comparisons with each other, which will make it more difficult to give each product a unique description. as a solution is an online software that can be used to generate tens of thousands of unique product texts. This can be done by simply logging into the website and uploading your product data. will use Artificial Intelligence on its own to learn what the products and product features are based on this data. With this information, it will then start configuring the content with your help, in which you yourself specify which features the tool should use in the product description. PowerText.aiwill then generate the product descriptions in no time, with which it does the heavy lifting for you.

Benefits offered by are:

– Improved SEO in Google search results leading to more visitors and higher conversion rates.

– It is very friendly to use, as it requires no technical knowledge to use this software

– It will save a lot of time and money, because no copywriters will be needed to write the product texts.

– It is very easy to translate your product texts into multiple different languages, as it uses Natural Language Generation to generate product descriptions in more than 150 languages.

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