5 tips for writing the best product descriptions

How do I write good product descriptions that will keep me in business?

Product descriptions can enhance the customer experience, and help you sell you products. Potential customers should be provided with all the necessary information for them to decide whether or not to buy the product, and with a lack of proficient information, customers will move on and you lose a sale.

In an online-first retail world, product descriptions are a must. An important aspect of writing product descriptions is the fact that they are unique for all your products, as search engines do not appreciate duplicates. Webpages with unique product descriptions rank higher in the search results of search engines, which increases the visibility of your products and improves customer conversion. Due to the fact that your products can more easily be found by your customers, you can increase your sales with up to 80%.

1. Make sure your product descriptions are SEO optimized

As mentioned above, unique product descriptions can help to rank higher in the search results and thus enhance your product visibility. Next to the fact that your product descriptions should be unique, another important factor for SEO is the use of keywords. Keywords make it possible for customers to find your website via search engines.

2. Automate your product descriptions 

Writing unique product descriptions is time consuming work, especially if you have a lot of products. An option is to hire product description writers, however, automating this process can save your company a lot of time, and money. With the use of smart algorithms, hundreds or thousands of unique product descriptions can be written in an instant.

PowerText.ai is such a smart online text generation platform that can automatically generate unique product descriptions based on product properties. The generated product descriptions are all unique and can be generated in multiple languages for each product.

With the help of the PowerText.ai software, BCC, an electronics retailer,  can now provide its entire product portfolio with unique product descriptions much faster. The text generation platform was fed with sample texts for various product categories. Based on this, the artificial intelligence technology of PowerText.ai automatically generated texts related to specific product properties of the product. The result is that each product now has a unique product description and is therefore much easier to find in Google search results. Due to the improved findability in Google, products are found more often and sold more.

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3. Dealing with insufficient data? 

When a software tool such as PowerText.ai is provided with insufficient data, the generated product descriptions will not include the right information. Included in the PowerSuite, is PowerEnrich; an additional smart generator that can help to enrich your product data. Through feature extraction from texts and images, smart scraping of PDFs and websites, intelligent matching, deduplication and smart data cleaning, the quality of your product data increases. As a result, your data offers the right product to your customers, increasing customer satisfaction and  – in the end – your profit.

Sonepar, a worldwide distributor of electronic products, solutions and related services, uses the ETIM standard in order to properly exchange product data in the chain. All products are classified in the ETIM class structure and are described in a standardized manner. However, not all suppliers are able to deliver in this way. Unraveling this unstructured product data had to be done manually, with the result that products were sometimes incomplete. With the help of the PowerEnrich.ai software, Sonepar can also include products from suppliers who do not yet use the ETIM standard. The result is that more products have a richer specification and can therefore be sold faster and easier. This saved time and money compared to manually entering the properties and ensured a higher turnover.

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4. Create great content – a mix between information and benefits

The product information included in your product descriptions should be correct and complete. Nonetheless, in order to increase persuasive power, your product descriptions should also include the benefits for the customers. For example, when selling a washing machine with a large drum capacity, your product descriptions could state that it saves time as more laundry can be done in one go. Or when the washing machine has a drying option, your product descriptions can state something about not having to buy, or to put your laundry into, another machine.

Providing your customer with benefits will make them more attractive, however, make sure that your features are still incorporated in your product descriptions. Try to make a story, as well as a list of features.

5. Keep in mind your audience

The last important tip for writing product descriptions is to keep in mind your audience. It is important to define the most interesting features for your potential customers. Thus, when you start writing product descriptions try to think about how people arrived at your webpage, what their interests are, why specifically your product could be interesting, how a friend would describe this product, and what features benefit these people the most.

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