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A smart online text creation tool that automatically generates unique product descriptions.

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Benefits of

Save valuable time and costs

Let our algorithm do the hard work and save your time. Hundreds or thousands of products can be written in an instant.

Up to 80% more sales

Increase your sales by 80%. All your products (including your longtail) can easily be found by your customers.

No coding required

Due to the friendly user interface, there is no technical knowledge required. The smart tool is accessible to everyone.

We work with the best.

Check the different organizations that've used succesfully!

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Is the tool for you?

I am a with products in my assortment. I am looking for a tool that helps me to automatically generate unique producttexts within language(s). Moreover, I need unique productdescriptions on webshops, and I productfeatures available.



Your organization has great potential to make the process of writing producttexts much more easy and efficient!

By using you can automatically generate thousands of producttexts due to smart use of AI algorithms. As a result, loads of time and money will be saved.


Your organization has great potential to make the process of writing producttexts much more easy and efficient!

However, due to the lack of productfeatures it is necessary to enrich your productdata first. With our software you are able enrich your data easily and automatically. After enriching your productdata with, will help you to automatically generate your producttexts.

Curious how much time and money can be saved? Check out the calculations in the table!

Thank you! Based on the data, we see that you have a modest number of product texts to write. We are happy to discuss the potential of automatic text generation specific for your situation. In a short online call we can jointly discover how could be profitable for you, depending on the number of product categories and variants that you require.

Time in hours
Costs in €
By hand
Savings in time: hours
Savings in money: ,-
Interested in our calculations?

We made some assumptions for our calculations:

  • Without, we estimate that you need 15 minutes on average to write a product description.
  • We are not aware of the real wage of your employees, but we have calculated with an hourly wage of 25 euros per hour.
  • Based on your assortment, we estimated an average number of products per category.

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